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Flower arranging for the design challenged!

Attention all women who are FDC - Floral Design Challenged. You'd be surprised how many people struggle their whole lives to overcome this debilitating problem. Just when you think you can keep it hidden, another flower based holiday comes along and taunts you once again. With Mother's Day just around the corner, millions of women afflicted with FDC will have to once again face the reality of their embarassing secret. Someone brings you a beautiful bouquet of flowers that look lovely when all tied up with a pretty ribbon. But when you put them in a vase, they just flop from side to side, never living up to their full potential.

Budable is the only known cure for FDC.

Budable can make even the most challenged among us look like a pro in minutes. Using the 3-step design system, your designs can go from floppy to fabulous again and again. Budable is the first self-sticking, flexible, reusable floral arranger. It sticks to any container and fits any shape. It's 60 self-gripping holes can handle the largest and smallest stems with ease giving you complete control over your arrangement, making you look like an expert every time.

You no longer have anything to fear from flowers. Flowers are your friend. Take back your life with Budable! Available online at

Buy now for a special FREE Mother's Day gift and Free shipping starting as low as $5.99!

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