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Don't be a Flop on Easter

Bunny Ears are supposed to aren't! But when you put those lovely spring flowers in a vase, do they just flop over in a messy lump? That's why the Budable Flower Arranger is the perfect companion to your Easter flowers. It makes flower arranging simple and easy giving you total control over the design, allowing you to create beautiful arrangements in minutes without those toxic foams and messy tapes.

Budable also helps to prolong the life of your cut flowers by trapping the water in the vase and reducing evaporation, allowing the flowers to absorb the water they need. By forming a seal across the container, Budable creates a circulating flow of condensation that keeps flowers fresher longer.

And because Budable makes it simple to remove the arrangement to add more water while keeping the design in place, you can enjoy your creations even longer.

Check out Budable at

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