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DIY Pinecone Flowers

The perfect recycle project that anyone can do in minutes.

This is one of those projects that is just plain fun to do! It's so easy to create a beautiful centerpiece that lasts forever. Painted pinecones look so much like real Zinnias and you can completely change the palette and create a different mood for fall or spring.

First, take a walk! That's part of the fun. Pinecone hunting is an art. Finding the ones with, what I call 'the best butts' is key. A tightly closed bottom is most effective. Be sure to look for all sizes. You will find that when you complete your arrangement, you will need the smaller ones to fill in the holes between the larger cones.

You can use any acrylic or spray paint. I like spray paints because it gets in the crevices easier. You don't need to saturate the cone. Some dark shadows between the scales help give the flowers definition. I like to start with a quick coat of flat white, then a dusting of color to give it more dimension.

A small paper cup makes a great stand to hold the pinecone erect while it drys.

When you have your flowers painted, you can just stack them on a plate or bowl, or hot glue them together to secure the design for a more long term arrangement. I just stack mine and when I get tired of the arrangement, I scatter the painted cones around my garden for a splash of color.

If you want to make a more formal vase arrangement, just hot glue some flower stakes to the ends of the cones and arrange them like real flowers.

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