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Easy Greenery Display!

Spring is just around the corner and everything you need to create a striking centerpiece is probably in your own backyard and free! You don't always need to buy expensive flowers or blooms to bring the beauty of nature inside your home. All you need are some small snipers and a comfy pair of shoes. If you take a walk in your neighborhood almost anywhere you live, you will find everything you need to make simple flowerless arrangement like this with just greenery and berries. If not in your own yard, take a stroll down the street or in public parks and open your eyes to new possibilities you may have never before considered. Look for waxy leaves that will last longer after cutting. Long vines make great horizontal elements. Variegated leaves and berries from bushes and freshly blooming trees add depth and color. Look up for a change, and see the potential in the trees. Things you may of never considered as floral elements could add wonderful new elements to a design. This time of year, trees which are budding and new growth make graceful additions to your arrangement. And, of course, hold it all in place with Budable, giving you the control you need to get really 'out of the box' creative.

This arrangement was created in a smaller vase with Budable then set inside this ornamental pottery to add to the rustic style. Budable creates a flexible grid over your vase holding stems in place and eliminating the need for floral tapes and foam.

Budable Flower Arranger is available at



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