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3 Easy Steps to a Simply Beautiful Arrangement

It can be overwhelming when you approach the flower market trying to decide what stems work together and how many you need for your arrangement. Without a doubt, there are some amazing designs you can attempt and many require access to an entire flower shop! But, you don't always have to use multiple varieties of flowers to create an impressive design. You can make a statement in 3 easy steps to create this eye-catching arrangement with just 3 simple ingredients and a few minutes effort.

1. Place Budable across mouth of vase. The vase shown is about 5" diameter.

2. Arrange large roses in the center, using the shorter stems on the bottom to create a simple round


3. Randomly insert tulips to spray out and extend 3-4 inches beyond the edges of the rose blooms.

This design takes just minutes and is easy for anyone to master. Get your Budable now at

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