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A Centerpiece That Won't Block Your View

Sometimes a lower, more compact arrangement is a better choice for a centerpiece over dinner to avoid craning your neck trying to have a conversation around a looming tower of blooms. If you have a small table and want to dress it up without blocking your view of your guests, something like this is a wonderful option. I found these beautiful purple paper roses at Michael's Crafts I mixed them with some succulents and thistle to create this low level design that has a lot more width than height. Sometimes your succulent clippings can be short as they have very little stem. If you need more room to work with, you can wire a stick or another stem to them and secure it with floral tape.

I also found this adorable metal container at Michael's with a chalkboard panel that makes a very special presentation when you personalize it for your guests. Write a welcome or uplifting phrase on it or just the names of your friends. It wipes off to use over and over.

Budable Arranger Plus holds it all together in a separate clear vase that I created the arrangement in, then set that inside the metal container. Budable makes it easy to use various types of containers for your arrangements because you can design in one vase and slip it into a larger, more decorative vase. Or, you can design on a simple container and lift the arrangement off the container with the Budable holding it together, then just drop the arrangement into any other vase. This makes it so easy to change the water and clean your vases when you are using live flowers. Keeping your water clean and removing any bacteria that builds up, will make your flowers last longer and smell better.

Budable is available at


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