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Go WILD with spring flowers!

There is something elegant and striking about a well balanced, structured floral design. But this time of year, I like to let myself go and set aside my anal retentive obsession to keep every design 'inside the box'. There are so many amazing things blooming right now and spring arrangements are the perfect way to express the explosion of the season.

There's really no reason to pay for expensive flowers at your local shop or market when everything you need for a gorgeous design is probably right in your own back yard. You just have to open your mind to the potential of elements you may have never considered before. Now, I'm not suggesting you go next door and steal your neighbors roses! But there are wild flowers growing every where. Sticking out of the cracks in parking lots and vacant spaces. Clinging to walls and fences. There are amazing buds and frawns growning in trees. Things that make wonderfull filler and sprays around simple wild burst of color.

Many of these 'finds' grow in unusal twisting and curving shapes...without the straight shafts used in most floral arrangements. Normally, that would make them difficult to manage. But the Budable Arranger Plus lets you control these unruly stems while allowing your wild side to flourish. The result can be as expressive as spring itself.

Here are just a few creations made from elements just growing wild! Isn't mother nature wonderful!

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