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Simple and Beautiful Budable Thanksgiving Centerpiece

You're baking a turkey, making pies, mashing potatoes, getting the lumps out of the gravy. The last thing you have time for is creating a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Budable can save you money and time and add a unique touch of elegance to your holiday. And it can be done days ahead, a real blessing at crunch time!

Follow these easy steps below to your picture perfect Thanksgiving display. You will need...

Budable Flower Arranger

Pumkin, Squash or Melon


Water bottle (large or small, depending on the size of your pumpkin.

(You can use a regular vase if it fits in the pumpkin and is not much taller)


1. Carve a hole in the Pumpkin.

2. Cut top off water bottle to fit hole in pumpkin

3. Stretch Budable across top of water bottle and place in pumkin.

4. Arrange flowers in Budable and enjoy many compliments from your guests!

That's all there is to it. A gorgeous and original centerpiece in minutes!

You can find Budable and other creative ideas at

Happy Holidays!!!

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