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Halloween Treats Served Upright!

budable melon balls.jpg

budable fondue.jpg
Whether it's fondue or fruit, Budable can make your preparation and serving fun and easy with it's 60 self gripping holes that allow for clean separation and elegant presentation on any occassion.

Dipping chocolate pretzels and fruits can be frustrating when you have to lay them down to cool and you end up with one flat side stuck to the tray. But with Budable, you just dip and place them directly into one of the self gripping holes while they cool. Leaving you with the perfect dip every time. And you can keep them in Budable for easy serviing to your guests.

Melon balls and other fruits are perfect on skewers served up with Budable. Keeping your display secure and accessible for serving.

Let Budable give you a helping hand at your next party!

Budable, the flexible self sticking flower arranger that helps you arrange flowers like a pro...and so much more!

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