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The Newest Way to Light Up Your Holidays!

budable torches2.jpg

budable torches.jpg
Let Budable shed some light on your festivities this Halloween. Make your own Budable Light Torch that will provide you hours of luminous fun. Budable torches make great table lighting, creating the perfect spooky atmosphere for haunted celebrations and make wonderful portable lighting to illuminate your search for tricks and treats.

Just stretch one Budable over a drinking glass or vase and insert as many glow sticks as you want in the 60 self gripping holes. Get creative and twist and curl your sticks using multiple colors. If you are taking your torch mobile, use a plasic container. If you want to use disposable plasic cups, you may need to double them up to make them firm enough to support the budable and your lights. Those inexpensive spider rings available at any party store, make great additions clinging to the sides and the stems.

Adding webbing or other object inside the glass gives it even more glow and allows for unlimited creepiness that emanates enough light to scare away the Walking Dead!

Have a safe and sweet Halloween and take a Bud along!

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