What is Budable?

Budable is the perfect 'green' solution to toxic floral foam.  It's made of a recyclable thermoplastic polymer

that has no chemical residue and allows you complete control over your design while maintaining clear,

clean water to keep your flowers fresher, longer.  It can be used over and over again!

How to use your Budable.....
How to care for your Budable

You and your Budable can share many happy times together if you just follow a few simple guidelines.


1.  Budable works best when it is dry and when the container rim is dry.  Your hands should be dry and free of lotion.

     If you have been handling Budable a while, it may lose it's stickiness because of dirt or grease from your hands.  Just

     wash in dish soap and let dry and it will become sticky again.


2.  Rinse Budable after each use in warm water and a gentle hand soap or dish soap.  Dry with paper towel or

     allow to air dry.  To dry faster, use a hair drying on hot heat setting.  This will shrink the Budable back to it's original size faster

     than air drying.


3.  Budable is strong, but it can be hurt.  DO NOT attempt to use Budable on a vase larger than 5 inches. 

     Trim thorns and sharp edges from stems before inserting them.

     Remove stems one at a time to avoid tearing the holes. 


4.  The first time you use Budable you should pull and stretch it to loosen it up a little, especially if you plan to put it on a larger vase.


5.  Once you have your design complete, you can pull Budable off the vase to change water and it will hold the flowers in place.                You do not need to replace the cap on the vase when you put the flowers back in.  If it's wet, it won't stick.


*Budable is flammable.  Please keep away from open flame.  Budable is non-toxic and FDA approved for use in contact with food.

Fill your container with water.

Dry the rim of the container and be sure your

Budable is dry.

Stretch Budable across vase.  That's it!  You're ready

to play!

How to make your designs last.

The key to keeping your flower arrangment beautiful and long lasting, is to change the water and trim the stems every day or two.  Allowing flowers to sit in stale water encourages bacteria growth and damages the stems.  The amazing thing about Budable is that you can lift the arrangement off the vase and your design stays in place! Trim about 3/4" of stems, cut on an angle, and replace with clean water.  Place flowers with Budable back into vase.  It's not necessary to slip Budable back around the rim.  It will hold your arrangement firmly once it's lifted off.  But if you do, make sure the rim and Budable are dry first.