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Why I did it!


I love fresh flowers, but they always looked so much better wrapped up in the store and lost their charm when I brought them home and tried to arrange them.   They just flopped all over in the vase looking like a mess.  And when I'd buy an arrangement from a professional florist, it was strapped in with a tape grid that made adding water impossible.  It would just drip out around the sides of the vase in a horrible puddle.  And, there was no way to remove the flowers to change the water without taking apart the design.  There had to be a better way.  That's how Budable was born.  My goal was a flexible tool that holds flowers in place, removes easily to change the water and doesn't require the mess of toxic, green foam that muddies up the water and contains proven health hazards. Every Budable can be used over and over.  It took 3 years in development and many frustrating rounds of prototypes, but here it is!  Patent pending and made in the USA and recyclable!  I'm so excited to launch this new product and hope that others who are as 'challenged' as I was in floral arranging, will enjoy Budable too. 


I'd really enjoy seeing your designs with Budable to share on my site or on FaceBook. 



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