Try these 3 step easy and
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Working with budable.


Budable works best when it is dry and the container rim is dry.  Fill the container with water first and dry off any water along the rim.  Stretch Budable across the top of the vase.  That’s all there is to it.  Now you’re ready to play.  The holes in Budable will stretch to fit any size stem and you can remove and reposition them at any time.  It is easier to work with stems that have thorns and leaves removed before you begin.  Strip leaves, thorns and bumps from the stems starting above the vase line with a knife or stem stripper, like the Buda-strip, available at  Trim the stems at an angle to allow for more water absorption.  You may want to save some leaves to use later in the design.


Now, let’s get started on our creations.  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


2 bamboo sticks about 18" and 15" long.
2 Lilly stems.
5 Roses cut in graduated lengths.
Bundle of Baby's breath.
One Lilly stem
Various tall grasses
6 Chrysanthemums
2 Lemons sliced about 1/4" thin
Decorative rocks or marbles
5 full large Roses.
5 Hydrangea
6 Fern stems
3 Lilac or Hyacinth
3 Hydrangea
4 lillies
3 small roses
3 alstromeria
6 stems tall green stock
1.  Trim hydrangea stems to bloom just above rim.
2.  Add lillies, roses and alstromeria to fill out center.  Again trimmed short so blooms rise just above the rim.
3.  Fan out stock in varying lengths to add height and elegance.

2 Red Gladiola stems

4 Large Blue Hydrangeas

Tall white stock


1.  Place 2 gladiola stems in center of Budable.

2.  Arrange hydranges around the base.

3.  Add tall stock flowers to flare out top.

Budagels in red dye

4 small hydrangeas

Small white flowers


1.  Soak one teaspoon Budagels in red dye overnight.

2.  Arrange 4 small hydrangeas in round bowl with Budable

3.  Add small white accent flowers.

4 Large White Hydrangeas

1 Dozen Red Roses

Tall purple/blue stock


1.  Trim hydrangea to height of vase and insert in Budable.

2.  Flare stock from center of hydrangeas in a spray pattern.

3.  Arrange roses around rim of vase under hydrangeas.

Use Budable to create a beautiful bouquet you can carry. 
Create your design with the Budable on a vase, then just lift the flowers with the Budable off the vase.  The arrangment will stay just as beautiful when removed.  And you can replace it back into the water when you're done to keep it fresh.

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